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Get Exposed!!!

Get exposed! We have been told for years that “unprotected” sun exposure causes skin cancer! Where in actual fact the opposite has been scientifically proven to be true! Early morning & late afternoon sun exposure are critically important to human health and the development of neurotransmitters & hormones.

From the time the sun comes up in the morning it starts running through a spectrum of natural light sources from long & short radio frequencies to infra red, uv and gamma…these types of light all help the body to recognise the circadian rhythm of the planet & allow us to "match up”. Being in sync with the planetary time where you live is critical for your gut health & the formation of hormones & the repair of organs, glands & DNA.

Let me explain….by starting with the eyes……..

The eye in this case is the link to correct circadian matching as the presence of natural light in the eye in the daytime stimulates hormone release, wake cycles, food intake, elevation of mood, the immune system, energy production, cleansing & detoxing and weight management and the absence of natural light at night time stimulates Melatonin production for sleep, the detox process with he help of the liver, cleaning of the brain and so much more!!!

And all of this only happens in NATURAL light, straight from our friend the sun!!! This should give you a heads up as to what we are doing to ourselves by exposing ourselves to un-natural light both day & night with perhaps a minute trace of natural light exposure when you walk from the house to your car or the car to your office in the morning….but even that is null and void if you are wearing glasses of any kind!!!!

The absorption of sun in the eye & on the skin stimulates the production of Vitamins A & D in the body…..super important if you want to live a happy & healthy lifestyle. Vitamin D helps to control hormones, the ones for happiness, weight management & weight loss along with the health of bones.

It helps your body to boost your immune system , combat daytime fatigue and depression and controls bone loss as we age.

Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to hair loss, muscle pain, lower back pain, unexplained weight gain and slow wound healing. The easiest fix is to expose as much of your skin to early morning sun (before 9:30am here in OZ due to our faulty ozone layer) as every single cell in your body has a receptor for it! And its FREE!!

Vitamin A is essential for eye health & is also boosted by sun exposure! If you are deficient in this vitamin you may suffer from these types of symptoms: Dry Skin.

Dry Eyes. Eye problems are some of the most well-known issues related to vitamin A deficiency.

Night Blindness.

Infertility and Trouble Conceiving.

Delayed Growth in children

Throat and Chest Infections.

Poor Wound Healing.

Acne and Breakouts.

SO you can see how incredible beneficial sun exposure is too #agingyoung and finding your wellness again!

If you need to be out in the sun for long periods of time (between 9:30am-2:30pm in the summer months) make sure you cover up with hats & cotton clothing or you can use a natural sunscreen that won’t expose you or your family to chemicals that cause inflammation & cancers!

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