Want to get fit and have FUN at the same time?

HEAT dance fitness is a smooth mix of Latino & Jamaican Dancehall street dance. It’s easy to follow, super cool & fun!! Even if you have 2 left feet we will have you burning up the dance floor(& those jiggly bits)in no time & you won’t even realise your exercising!

1 whole hour of YOU time!


Session Times:

Tuesday: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall, Railway St.

Thursday: 6:45pm to 7:15pm

(Express Class)

Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall, Railway St.​​


Fire Flow is a deep play for serious mind/body connection with intense results!!

It's all about the discovery of your internal environment, body awareness, flexibility, strength and joint mobility through beautiful flowing patterns. It can also help you body release pain and improve posture!

When we are aware, we can make appropriate changes, when we are focused we can understand, when we are intentional we can move in ways that allow deep connection & understanding which translates to incredible body love & a vital mind... and who doesn't need more of that?!

Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew

Session Times:

Thursday: 7:15pm-7:45pm

Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall, Railway St.


AQUA Glow is a H2o class with a difference!


Designed to target your trouble areas & work the body hard while it is being fully supported & nurtured by the water.

An incredible blend of mixed martial arts & dance to banging tunes, you won’t want to miss earning your mermaid tail!

You can go as hard as you like or at your own pace, so it's a great workout for anyone from the super fit to the novice & pregnant mummas!


Places are limited, so book early to reserve your spot in the pool. They are 45min classes & are run in 4 week blocks in a private pool in

Mudgeeraba and Bookings are essential!


Session Times:


Run from October to April


Wednesday (Twilight): 5:45pm


Saturday: 8:30am


Address given on booking!

4 week block $48



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Is a speciality class that encompasses mixed martial arts like kickboxing, boxing, Capoeira and self defence. Every class is different from partner work to foot work …. Tabata to rounds, every time you come you will learn more about the world of kickin ass in a fun and safe environment.

JabX is designed to help you find your power & release the inner beasty whilst toning the body & bringing on the major fat burn.

Places are limited, so book early to reserve your spot in the pool. They are 45min classes & are run in 4 week blocks in a private studio in Mudgeeraba and Bookings

are essential!

Session Times:


Run from May to October

Wednesday (Twilight): 5:45pm

Saturday: 8:30am

Address given on booking!

4 week block $48


Let the fun spread like WILDFIRE with this crazy cool, interactive, music, dance

and game fest that will boost your child’s confidence to level EPIC!

The best part? They don’t even know that they are exercising! Every class is just one big party!


They are just having fun, learning new skills, playing games, interacting positively with

others… just kids being kids!


wildfire dance class parties run for 45mins, enough time to get their bodies moving but just long enough to really be able to capture and keep their attention.

Time: 45mins classes


Cost: $80 per child, for the term (8 weeks)

$5 per parent (can pay casually)


What to bring:
Water bottle and a big goofy grin


What to wear:
Comfy workout clothes & joggers




Kristy Chester


Master Personal trainer

Older adults trainer

Childrens Trainer

Women's specialist

Group fitness instructor



Human Nutrition




Juels Pellow


Master Personal Trainer

Biomechanics Method specialist

Sports Nutritionist

Level 3 AMN Practitioner

AMN Holistic Health Coach

Group Fitness Instructor

Children's Instructor



Human Nutrition




Are you where you want to be?

Or don’t know where to start?

Want to improve performance?

Up your athletic ability?

Lose weight or tone & tighten?

Then personal training is designed for you!!

Individually designed sessions to improve your health & wellbeing...

Every client gets:

  • FREE Health & goal setting consult

  • One on one sessions of either 30 min or 60mins, or sports specific training for 45mins

  • Access to our VIP Facebook page

  • Nutrition & Nutritional cleansing advice or plans

  • Monthly assessments

We love watching our clients grow through functional movement, calisthenics, dance, martial arts, yoga and more in our double studios in the Gold Coast Hinterland



Your opportunity to train with friends or family at a lower rate. Group sessions are for no more than 4 people at a time and include:

  • 45 minute Personal training sessions

  • Nutrition plans, recipes, nutritional cleansing and supplementation plan

  • Access to VIP Facebook group

  • Access to the Metamorph Health and Fitness Tracking App

  • Fitness and health
    re-assessment every 4 weeks

*Multiple sessions paid by weekly direct deposit for 12 weeks.



Improve the productivity, happiness, wellness and team spirit of your work place.


Scientific studies have proven that productivity increases & days off decrease when a company works out together.

Metamorph Health & fitness can offer many corporate solutions to help you find the missing link in your business:

  • Mental health

  • Stress management

  • Obesity & weight management

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Heart health

  • Safety & injury prevention

  • Posture & ergonomics

  • Rehabilitation