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Winter Warmers

The second book from the "Luv ya guts" series.


Winter evokes steaming soups, comfort food & warming drinks that cuggle (a cross between a hug & a cuddle) you from the inside out... and this e-cookbook will not disappoint with recipes that will heal you, boost your gut health and immune system and wrap you up in the type of warm blanket that Nanna Pearl used to make.

With a fantastic mix of meat and vegetarian dishes that are packed with incredible much needed winter nutrients to bring balance and help you to stay in an alkaline state you will be feeling the best you have ever felt this Winter and waging war on the dreaded winter lurgies.

Sensational Salads

Health With A Capital H - "Sensational Salads" series.


You will never get stuck in a salad rut again with these sensational salad recipes that are bursting with flavour and perfectly comprised to have as a stand alone meal or as a side with your favourite protein source.

Salads are the perfect way to get as many different colours and nutrients and healthy fats

into your body in one meal, not to mention the added benefits of fibre and pre-biotics for a

healthy gut!

Balanced Bowls
A Serve of Life

Health With A Capital H - "Balanced Bowls" series.


Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with these 16 delectable recipes that bring out the real flavour & punch of simple, nutritious foods that your whole family will love! Buddah bowls? No way!! No little fat men here...just pure & honest nutrition.

The first e-cookbook in the Health with a capitol H series.

It was born out of a necessity to help get my Hubbies body back into an alkaline state after a cancer diagnosis.


So many of our now all time favourite Gluten & Dairy free recipes.

Soulful Soups

Health With A Capital H - "Soulful Soups" series.


Winter is the time of year to crack out the soup pots, brush up on your broths and go forage for those amazing root veges.

I’ve gotta admit that Winter is not my fave, but I do love the ability of soups to be able to warm the body from the inside out and heal the gut at the same time.

On the Way to Alkaline

The second e-cookbook of our "Health with a capitol H" series.

Bringing your body into an alkaline state has been proven to stave off disease & allow the body to naturally start to heal itself. These amazingly delicious recipes will have your taste buds singing & your waist line shrinking as you set body up to be a fat burning, detoxing machine! BONUS 7 day plan as well!


This book was inspired from a nutrition workshop that we had an overwhelming response from called HARVEST, from ground to plate.

The results that clients received from the 7 day plan were astounding!

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