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Have you been living with pain for too long?

Just accepting it as a part of getting older?

Stop accepting your current reality & find relief with The Biomechanics Method.


This revolutionary approach to pain relief incorporates structural assessments corrective exercise techniques and life coaching strategies into a simple system that makes improved function and

pain-free living a reality for people plagued by muscle and joint pain.

The BioMechanics Method ® is a systematic process used to alleviate back pain, joint pain and other chronic pain. We teach YOU how to be your own physiotherapist, giving you the life long skills to be able to heal your body without cracking or manipulation, but by re-educating your muscles & fascia to release & relax which subsequently can realign your skeletal system & reduce

inflammation on the body.

Don't just imagine what it would feel like to be pain free, live the reality & get back to doing thethings that you love.

Visit PTminder to book your 1 hour BIOMECHANICS METHOD appointment with one of our practitioners today.

Appointments available either online or in person.


In an instant your life could be changed!

Do you have sore joints, hormonal issues, tender muscles, injuries, trouble with balance, sleeping, chronic disease, pelvic floor problems, anxiety, asthma, gut issues, bloating, emotional trauma, autoimmune disease, FND, Parkinsons, stroke, fatigue, skin issues, emotional trauma or find it hard to lose weight?

Have you tried everything, have been getting mixed messages from other practitioners, exhausted all options and still have no relief?

Then an AMN session would be perfect for you! It's an incredible, non invasive approach to

healing using the brain & brain plasticity as our driver for finding out what messages are not

getting to where they need to or are a little scrambled or too inflamed.


Imagine that the brain is the database for our entire body, it knows what is going on at any given moment. Wouldn't it make sense to ask the brain what is too inflamed in your system and therefore not communicating the right messages to the rest of the body?


Our bodies are constantly sending us messages and warnings of what it wants us to know to help stop injury, pain or organ & hormonal issues...unfortunately most of us don't understand the code & this is where Applied Movement Neurology really shines!

It is not a diagnostic tool, but more succinctly finds the root of an issue & then we recalibrate the messages to the correct "code" or vibration, which in turn releases the inflammation so that

healing can take place, but also teaching you what your own "code" is so that you can identify & relay what your body is telling you, leaving you empowered & equipped to make the changes needed.

We use a three pronged approach using AMN as our driver to equip healing & then to nurture the body holistically with nutrition, resources from the planet & supplementation.


Sessions are 30mins and done online via facebook messenger or what’s app, so you can be in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you like. You don't even have to get out of your Pj's!


Please contact Juels Pellow on fb messenger or 0414 955 509 to book an appointment today!

(Please note that we are usually booked solid for 2 weeks in advance)


The AMN team have done it again and bought us an incredible new program that will blow your


It's stretching and flexibility without the strain, pain or extended periods(sometimes weeks to

months) that are usually needed to increase the bodies ability for flexibility!


We incorporate the power of the brain to facilitate fast changes in range of movement and the ability of the muscles & tendons to release and allow these changes to happen VERY quickly.

Yes! Touching your toes can be a reality if there are no mechanical inhibitions!!!


When the body is too tight it can affect the way that we move, think & feel,……. a tight body is

nobodies friend!


Great for injuries, neck rotation, lower back pain, sitting disease, flexibility for the ageing &

athletes for sport specific gains….. and for anyone that wants to stave off injury & keep incredible mobility throughout their life.


1 Hour sessions in studio only.

Please contact Juels Pellow or Kristy Chester on

fb messenger or 0414 955 509 to book an appointment today!


MyoFascial Freedom

Have you ever felt sore, tight, or restricted within the muscles?

Do you feel like you stretch your muscles all the time but they just never release or improve?

Then MyoFascial Freedom is what you need and it does exactly what the name says!!!

MyoFascial Freedom helps your body to release the tension from within the fascia to improve blood flow to the muscles. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. It is similar to tendons and ligaments in the way it is made up of collagen but fascia surrounds the structures within the body, protects them, sends information to the appropriate organs and glands and helps the muscles to move smoothly over one and other.

Through assisted stretching and using AMN protocols to help find target areas, inflammation, wrong messages and emotional traumas, we can find trigger points to release through fascial massage in the right areas at the right time for you!

It's as individual as you are!!

Myofascial Freedom is the service to assist you in improving flexibility, straightening your posture, releasing tightness and increasing range of movement within the joint. 

This service is 1 hour of pure relax and rejuvenation and the gateway to full body freedom!!

Please Contact Kristy Chester on fb messenger or 0404 812 199 to book an appointment today. 


Chelsea Mclean.jpg

Chelsea McLean​

I am beyond grateful for how much Juels has helped me in just 3 sessions of AMN and Biomechanics and in an introduction to her PT and nutritional wellbeing coaching.

When I met Juels she noticed I had a sore knee and helped me on the spot during our dance class with AMN. She relieved my knee pain immediately and I wondered what else this amazing technique could do for my health. In my first half-hour session, the AMN process Juels took me through created instant and lasting changes in my body. It improved my balance, restored feeling to my injured foot and helped me stand straighter and taller. Those were just the noticeable benefits and I know there were many more.


During my Biomechanics session, Juels showed me a few simple daily exercises to relieve and prevent my foot, knee and shoulder pain. I already have a stronger, tighter core and look like I’ve lost weight because my posture is so much better. In her PT intro session, she showed me how to do shoulder and core exercises the right way to prevent referred pain. Juels also helped me figure out how I could improve my diet and recommended nutritional supplements I know I will benefit from for decades to come.


When I took my son to her for an AMN session, she also helped me work out what foods his body isn’t tolerating. I already felt so grateful for her helping me, but having her help my son tipped the arrow on my gratitude metre to as high as it goes. I am so blessed to have met this awesome health practitioner and truly believe everyone can benefit from her remarkable knowledge and skills.

Lesley Russel.jpg

Lesley Russell​

I came to see Juels by recommendation from my Mum not really knowing what to expect with AMN. Although my first session was somewhat bazaar, as Juel’s was explaining it to me it all made sense.


She has been able to identify ailments that have been plaguing me for years and fixing them one by one.. Not only have I stopped shelving out dollars on physios and chiro’s I am getting longer lasting results even completely healed.. I will be forever grateful to Juel’s for teaching me I don’t have to live with the pain… Not to mention she’s absolute delight.

Sharon Elks.jpg

Sharon Elks

I Discovered AMN through Juels and have to admit, was very sceptical about it but thought hey, I’ll give it a go and see what it’s all about.

So I had a session and could not believe the difference in myself. I had so many things switched off in my body, no wonder I felt sluggish, brain fog, bad sleep patterns and that’s just to name a few! I also have suffered with hip problems for 13yrs now after giving birth to my 2nd child and can honestly say since having one session, my left hip is no longer in any pain. I still have discomfort in my right hip, but is definitely getting better.

I would highly recommend AMN With Juels. She is very accurate, discrete, understanding and such a kind funny, lovely lady.

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