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We love Isagenix supplementation & nutritional cleansing & believe that when you give the body the right ingredients it has a greater capacity to heal itself. You will find that I use some of the Isagenix products to help nutritionally boost some recipes. 

Our hope for you is that through these pages

you will find inspiration to change even just a few things &

make easy steps to greater health & wellbeing.

Yours in health & always with a smile,

Juels Pellow


“If you aint got your health, you aint got nothin.”

I know, I know, the english is appalling, but a truer statement has never been spoken. A lot of people would argue that time is our greatest commodity, but what is time if you don’t have a

good, healthy quality of life?

This is where these incredible e-cookbooks have emerged from; amid awakenings & health threats, obesity & injuries, triumphs & disappointments; there has always been an underlying theme in my life….health & life to the fullest!

Over the years I have had so much fun experimenting with food, finding out how to make the most of organic seasonal fruits & veges from our gardens & eggs from our chickens, make delicious desserts that don’t stay on the hips, and work around the food intolerances (dairy &gluten) that presented after years of being overweight, all the while making sure that all of our families meals were nutritionally complete (no calorie counting here!!) & greatly supplemented.


These recipes (after they were family approved of course!) were either written on random slips of paper & shoved into various folders or committed to memory. I never weighed ingredients or used

measuring cups, I was without a doubt a very slap-happy cook, the artist that colours outside the lines, the rebel decorator that places blues & greens together.

That was, until this book just had to become a reality! There are literally hundreds of recipes that I have squirreled away over the years, some happy accidents, others healthy conversions of

traditional dishes.

So many, in fact, that it was hard to choose which ones to include in our original e-cookbook “A Serve of Life”.

This book became a book of necessity when my hubby was diagnosed with cancer (with a little c).


Yes, even though we are extremely conscious of our health & do “all the right things” there is no escaping our toxic and often traumatic environment. The best we can do is manage our bodies well & we wanted the world to know that!

This book was so well received from family, friends & clients all around the world that I was inspired to put together a series called “Health with a capitol H” that encourages seasonal, clean eating to help the body to heal.

Trends change, diets come and go, but one thing will always remain true; a healthy brain & gut will lead to a healthy body and so that is where we shine!

We know that everybody is unique and at different times in our lives our bodies will need different nutrients, sometimes more connected to healing, other times connected to hormones or weight loss and this is why we will always keep developing recipes and books to serve you at what ever stage you find yourself in.

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