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Do you even lift?

Updated: May 23, 2019

Its a comment that has made the face of many a smart ass meme lately….”Do you even lift man?”

The question is usually aimed at scrawny males in their early 20’s, but what about us gals? Where should we fit into this whole “lift” ideal?

Certainly we don’t want a herculean body…and the Wonder Woman amazonian body type does not appeal to all…what if we just want to look “toned”and not muscle bound, and how do we decipher the right program for us…cause lets face it…not all lifting is equal!!

My favourite type of lifting to teach people is body weight movements. Here we involve the

brain in the training program! When you activate the cerebellum you get a better & quicker response from the body. When we involve complex movement patterns with body weight we “light up” & excite the brain which in turn involves a wider range of responses(including hormones) & a greater capacity to change the body on a holistic level!

Start with the basics & move your way up the movement ladder with this quick 20min routine

5 min Warm Up-30 second intervals:  jump rope, jumping jacks, scissor jumps, high knees, squats, oblique twists, bounce the ball, lunges, shadow boxing, toe touches

3 sets through of 12 reps-rest at the end of rounds

  1. Push ups(start on knees if you need to to maintain proper form)

  2. Squats

  3. Plank

  4. Tricep dip

  5. Lunges

  6. Bent leg crunches

  7. 5 min cool down & stretch

Then when you are comfortable with these moves & you find the routine getting easier we can push the envelop a little further by adding more complex movement patterns.

Cool down stretch

Proper form is so important to not only prevent injury but to bring your musculoskeletal system back into alignment. So make sure you check your form with the helpful cues that we give you.

If you want to learn how, join us fr our hands on BODY HACKERS workshops that we run every few months.


Juels Pellow

The Health Whisperer

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