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Body Snatcher Diaries

Updated: May 23, 2019

  1. Hands sweating…check

  2. Heart is beating so fast that it can be heard thumping out a death march tune in the ears…check

  3. Not breathing, not enough oxygen, diaphragm feeling like it has been bound by a boa constrictor doing its darnedest to make this body feel like it is it’s next meal…done

  4. Fear-o-meter at next level of OFF the CHARTS…yup

  5. Adrenals in overdrive…uhuh

  6. Blood vessels constricted….totally done

  7. Muscles bound so tight they could ping off the body with any sudden movement…

  8. Vision blurring in & out…

  9. Bladder & kidney function compromised….

  10. Hormones playing the fool….

  11. Gut function compromised…..

  12. Immune system lowered……done, done, done & done

Have you guessed who I am yet? Its not hard right? ANXIETY is my name and messing with your sensibility is what I am all about!

For anyone who has ever suffered from the affects of me know that I have the ability to leave your body completely incapacitated and in such a mess that it can take days to bounce back from.

I know, evil genius right? And if left unchecked I can increase your symptoms to the point that I can have you locked up in your own home(or mind) feeling like you are a crazy lunatic.

Once I am on a roll, you cant stop me….I’m telling you now…you just can’t! I can have you running to the Doctor for meds that may be able to numb me out for a while but I will always be lurking around hiding behind the bushes in your mind to strike you down when you least expect it……….

Don’t take Anxieties word for it!

Yes he is a debilitating, narcissistic, obnoxious body snatcher, there is NO doubt about that but despite what he thinks we can bring his rule to an end……but it requires work & consistent effort on our behalf.

The first thing that I usually address with clients in anxiety’s hold is an understanding of what

happens on a physical level. Anxiety can stem from a  whole host of internal issues & trauma to organs.

The first port of call for me is to check the inflammatory indicators of the bladder, kidney, gut function and adrenals…when these organs are not functioning at an optimal level,  anxiety, fear and worry about the future can be paramount. When we calm these organs down the body can more easily deal with stress and heightened situations without hitting the tipping point and overbalancing into anxiety’s grasp.

Under active or overactive  Hormone production of serotonin, dopamine & noradrenaline in the gut can also attribute to the issue, as the gut & brain are so closely linked(quite often referred to by the scientific community as the gut-brain axis) most chemicals & hormone production that happens in the brain also occur in the gut, hence the link between emotion overload & heightened emotional states…therefore a healthy gut environment can go a long way to escaping anxiety.

Another way to help “Calm the Farm” is to utilise the subconscious minds ability to visualise and also take the emotional sting out of the situation.

Tapping or EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) Using pressure points on the face & upper body and repeating positive statements  to allow the subconscious to create a new calmer reality. Check out the EFT sheet on the Metamorph Health & Fitness website to assist you with this tool.

Make sure you do this over a 21 day period to help your brain create a new and solid Neuropathway for this new reality to take place.

With younger clients(it usually works for us imaginative adults as well!) is to imagine a crazy farm where all the animals are running wild and you literally have to “Calm the Farm” starting with the chickens! You have to picture yourself calming down 5 chickens & making them all sit down to roost, then start on the mad cows, the crazy sheep….well you get the picture!! Most of the time it only takes visualising calming down a couple of off the hook chickens before the client is laughing & smiling again.

5 Tips to release the grip of Anxiety

Nutrition is key, so eat clean(stay away from preservatives, colourings & gluten if possible) & get as many nutrients into your system as you can on a daily basis. I love using Ionix Supreme from Isagenix to lower my stress levels. (

Get enough sleep. Easier said than done right? Create a bedtime ritual that will help you to be calm & ready for bed. For anyone with gut or adrenal issues any blue screen(electronic device) should be seen as a toxin, so minimise your contact(or get blue screen covers), especially before bed & do Not sleep with your phone in the bedroom.

Get help from holistic professionals, Naturopath, Nutritionist, AMN practitioners can all be a great addition to your armoury arsenal to fight back.

Make your hormones work for you instead of against you….move your body, exercise at least 30 mins everyday to raise the happy hormones in your system

Make sure you are getting enough sunlight in the early morning(without glasses on) and walk around outside in barefeet to get your electrical currents back in alignment with the planet

Use EFT to take the emotional sting out of any situation.

Anxiety does not have to be a life sentence, and you do not have to go through it alone. It is becoming more & more prevalent in our society today even reaching his grasp down to our wee tots(my youngest client is 3 years old), so make sure you get the help that you need & speak to someone about it.

You only have one life to live & one body in which to live it, so look after it.


Juels Pellow

The Health Whisperer

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