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About Kristy Chester...

I’ve always struggled with positive self-image. I was never happy with how I looked and lacked confidence in myself.

After having my first child I struggled to get motivated to get the baby weight off. I had post-natal depression and didn’t feel supported by my partner at the time. I went straight back to work and was able to take my baby with me. I forgot about me and just concentrated on everyone else around me.

3 years later I had my second child and once again got diagnosed with post-natal depression. This time I didn’t go back to work and decided to take my life back and find my pre-baby self.

After some support from some close friends I decided to join a gym. The gym turned out to be my happy place, my sanity, my release and my social outing where I was just me. With this feeling I started going to classes always at the back but as my confidence grew, I started moving forward and finally I got to the front. I was getting to class earlier so I could get my spot at the front.

Many people started seeing the difference in me and I started to feel different. Friends would ask me for advice and that sparked a flame inside me. This is when I started studying. Firstly, I wanted to get on stage and teach a group fitness class (I don’t know where that confidence came from). My first time teaching a class I was so nervous but that flame inside of me grew and it kept growing. I kept on studying to become a Personal Trainer to help others find their spark and give back a part of them that they may have lost.

Just like I got back the part of me I lost!

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Danielle Robertson
Danielle Robertson
16 de jul. de 2019

Love your inspiring story Kristy :)

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