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Are you living your life on Purpose?

What am I here for?

Have you ever actually thought about it? Pondered on the direction of your life? Had that gnawing feeling that you were destined for greater things? Somebody has told you that you should be one thing, but you think another? Have you ever been asked “what is your purpose, your dream, your WHY?” and you have had absolutely no idea how to respond!?

You are not alone……As I type away Im sitting in the cancer specialist ward reception, waiting for my hubby to be called in for his throat check up… he was one of these people that had no idea what his real WHY was until he was literally slapped in the face(or throat) with the real probability that his days could be numbered. It literally took a death defying journey to wake him up out of his slumber to understand that he had been put on this planet for a greater reason than getting up at the crack of dawn each morning to go work like a dog for someone else’s dream, just to come home exhausted, cranky, frustrated, stressed, undervalued and completely underpaid…… I siting a running commentary of your life right now??? Is this all too a familiar story for you?l Then I BEG of you to WAKE UP!!! Wake up & begin to dream again!! Its not too late…it’s never too late to start living by your own design..on the terms that you have always dreamed of!!! What are you waiting for?! The perfect moment?? I gotta tell ya, there is no perfect moment, just brave decisions & action!!! I, on the other hand, am one of the lucky one’s. I grew up in a low income family, we didn’t have the ideal life(i don’t know ANY one that has had a perfect upbringing!) & I grew up fast for quite a few years there where our Mum was sick…but I always knew that I was destined to do great things & to be more than the circumstances that surrounded me.

I often daydreamed of all the marvellous things that I would do when I grew up and it all revolved around helping other people by shining myself.

I found great delight in entertaining people & being the bringer of sunshine into dark situations & standing up for those that didn’t have a voice & bringing them bright hope…sometimes to my own detriment.

And I didn’t always get it right…it’s still a learning process, one that I continue to refine to this day, but I never lose track of what it is that I was put on this planet to do.

I am the bringer of hope, sunshine and dreams….what does that look like on a day to day basis?

I give women hope of a healthier future, I educate & encourage them in transformation and feed my entertainer by instructing HEAT Dance fitness and INFERNO Innterval fitness

classes, where I teach people to let go & have fun.

I teach people how to be free from wealth constraints(one of the biggest causes of stress in our society today) to live bigger than what they see in front of them and dare to dream again.

I help to heal peoples minds and bodies, to reconnect with the wonderful machine that they live in!

On a grander scale…..I have a burning desire to touch the lives of children in Africa, this has always been inside of me, its one of my earliest memories as a child, to be the bringer of hope & sunshine to them. I want to see little chocolate faces light up with delight, for them that have no one, to feel loved and cared for and then in a more practical sense to be nourished, housed, clothed(things we take for granted) and educated.

Wait…sorry…I can hear your thoughts right now….”This is great Juels, good on you for knowing your purpose. But I am like your Hubby up there….I have NO IDEA!”

Let me give you 5 hints that may help you to unravel your purpose!!! 1. Think back to your childhood….what were the things that you dreamed about? I don’t care how silly it seems…right it down!!! There could be a clue in there.

2. What makes you angry? Sometimes our passion lies in the things that we hate. Do you hate injustice in the world? Do you hate miscommunication? Do you hate watching business’ fail?

There’s a clue.

3. What makes you choke up when you talk about it? – That’s a clue.

4. What makes you happy? I mean insanely happy!!! The something that you would do for the rest of your life even if you never got paid a cent for it! It recharges you and brings you life! Thats a clue

5. What is the little coal that smoulders in your gut? The thing that you say to yourself “when I have this amount of money, or this much time, I will do it.”

Why can’t you start now? Even a small step counts to creating the environment of being in your purpose!!! You know to this date I have not stepped foot on the continent of Africa, but for the last 10 years of my life I have supported at least 2-3 children a year to either feed and cloth or provide education and they are very much a part of my family and my heart.

And I know for sure that in the very near future we will be there to help in a more practical way because we have not only set the intention, we are putting in the action and building the plan.

Our purpose is not a singularity…we are all a part of one body…our purpose, our why, is there as much to serve others as someone else’s purpose may be to help to serve you!

Find your why, find your tribe and take action!!!

You only have one life to live & one body to live it in!



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