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Get Grounded!


Its the latest fad sweeping the nation….or is it?

Grounding is definitely not a new concept, it has been around since time immortal…it was once the absolute norm…but with the new advent of “barefoot” shoes from some of the biggest shoe designers in the world, people started taking notice and asking the question “why barefoot?”

And whilst the barefoot shoes are quite possibly better for teaching the body proper alignment for the skeletal system, they certainly don’t help us to “ground” and line up with the planet.

This requires bare skin touching the earth…….. but let’s first check out the scientific reasoning behind grounding, so you can get a better understanding of just how important it is for your wellbeing & ageing young.

Everything has a vibration, everything moves imperceptibly to the naked eye and according to the father of the hypothesis of Morphic resonance, Dr Sheldrake from the 1980’s study we are all connected to everything.

The resonance of the earth- known as Schuemans resonance works at the level of Hertz 7.83..this resonance is powerful enough to create lightening(which recharges the planet) & this is the level of electrons that our body needs to be healthy.

When we lack the proper resonance for our bodies on a cellular level we start to lack the ability to heal and cellular degradation speeds up….elevated cellular ageing, means we are getting older before our time.

Too many hours spent indoors away from the life giving electrons of the planet and instead stuck on our butts, not moving for hours(movement creates more electrons) and when we finally do get outside we are decked out in rubber soled shoes that totally negates any electrons entering our body.

Walking bare foot on the planet helps us to re-connect and borrow some much needed healing energy.

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