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Water… you need more than you realise. Did you know your body is made up of 75% water and the brain is made up of 85% water. This means you need to be replacing and topping up your water supplies constantly. Because the body is mostly water, (2 thirds) it’s important to drink water for the body to function properly.

Water carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells throughout the body. This keeps the cells happy, healthy and alive. Along with this water aids in digestion where it helps the body absorb nutrients from food that we eat and is the base line of the body’s bodily fluid like blood and saliva which is made up of 95% water. Water has a lot of more important roles in the body including regulating body temperature, help get rid of toxins from within the body, keep skin hydrated and for protecting joints by forming fluid around them.

The kidney is one of the main organs that controls the amount of water within the body and also deals with the excess fluid through urine. The body will excrete approximately 1 litre of fluid per day which means the intake of water needs to be sufficient enough to be replace this. Although the body actually needs a lot more water than this as the Lymphatic system needs 3 litres of water alone to help flush out toxins within the body. When the body is going through a healing process the body needs a lot more water to flush out toxins, send to cells within the body so the body can heal itself on a cellular level.

Have I blown your minds yet with all this information?......

It just shows how important it is to not let your body get dehydrated as it not only makes you feel thirsty it can be very detrimental to your health. The thing is if you get to the stage of feeling thirsty and needing water then your body is already dehydrated and need you need to get water into you quickly.

Did you know your body can become dehydrated from Non Native Electronic Magnetic Fields (NNEMF). This type of Electronic Magnetic field comes from electronics like mobile phones and electricity. Because this type of field is man made it affects the biological makeup of our bodies which can cause dehydration and illnesses. This is why we need to be surrounding ourselves by natural electronic magnetic field from the earth, sun etc. The more we forget about getting ourselves mixed in the natural sources the more dehydrated we will get.

The best way to get water into your system is literally by drinking water itself. Some people can’t drink a lot of water so by adding lemon, lime, mint, making a herbal tea or even eating foods that are higher in water can aid in water input. Foods like cucumbers, watermelon, tomato and celery are all high in water.

Now how do you know if you are dehydrated?? Well there are quite a few signs and symptoms that you need to look out for. Some of the signs are feeling thirsty, headaches which leads to migraines, dry skin, dry mouth or eyes, dark yellow urine, feeling dizzy or faint, lethargic or lack of energy and also having dark rings around the eyes. There are so many health issues that can come up when your body is dehydrated.

Dehydration can also come from illnesses or sickness like vomiting so its very important to keep your fluids up through this time. Once again when your body is healing the body needs a lot more water than an average day as water contains electrons which helps the body heal.

So to help you keep your water intake up keep a drink bottle filled of water close by you all the time to remind yourself to keep drinking or fill a jug up of water as this encourages you to drink more. This also helps you keep track of how much you are actually drinking throughout the day.

But how much water do you actually need?? We can muscle test you with AMN…! We can simply ask your body how much water it needs to be able to function healthily and then it is up to you!!!!

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