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#eatingforhealing Mini-blog 1

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Each week of this month we are going to set you a mini weekly challenge to help you to better understand the importance of eating right for you, and easily build healthy habits one step at a time into your lifestyle!!!

60% of the holistic health equation is food

The other parts of the equation are 20% resources for healing & 20% movement.

And if you joined us for our BODY HACKERS weight loss & vitality Workshop you would have the full picture of what we need to be happy, healthy holistic humans! This month though is all about the nutrition side of things & this is based on the amount of inflammation that is present in your body.

How do you know if you are inflamed & what approach is right for you? If you have trouble sleeping

Aching joints or muscles

Autoimmune issues

Migraines & frequent headaches

Gut problems Asthma

Hormonal imbalances

Or Food intolerances

Then we need to look at a brain based nutritional healing protocol for you. For an optimal healthy body and to #ageyoung your brain needs to be the first part of your healing journey.

And the brain loves…….FAT & cholesterol!!!!

Yup you heard us… FAT FAT FAT FATTY FAT!

The very thing that current fad diets and food companies have been spruiking for years that we need to lower, but this mindset is actually making us SICKER!!!!

The brain requires DHA fats & cholesterol to function optimally & create an incredible healing balm for the rest of the body. DHA is best to be consumed via seafood as this is the only way that Omega fats can pass through the protective blood brain barrier…in this case folks supplements won’t cut it. Yes fish or krill oils will help with joints & some body inflammation but not the brain which is where most of our health issues start.

If you are suffering from any or a few of the conditions mentioned above then seafood like:

Fatty fish- Salmon, Mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines and albacore tuna Oysters & other shellfish

Prawns & other crustaceans

It Is advised to have 5-7 times a week. If you want to maintain a healthy brain & therefore body 3-5 serves a week is beneficial.

WEEK 1 Challenge

Write up a menu plan & first fill in the days for your seafood meals, then add in your other chosen meals around that. Post it on our Metamorph page. Use this plan to easily develop your shopping list.


Being prepared is key!!!

Choose an afternoon in your schedule where you can take about 3-4hrs to do food prep. You can choose to make up as many meals for the week ahead as you like but I do recommend that you do at least 3-4 days in advance. This takes out any chance of not being prepared(and making wrong food choices) through your week when things can get a little crazy.

If you are not feeling your best self & know that you are aging before our time please don’t hesitate to contact either Juels or Kristy for either Personal Training, AMN or nutrition. We are here to help you to #ageyoung

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