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#eatingforhealing Week 3 Mini-blog

We are all by now well aware of the incredible decline of available nutrients in our fresh produce…there are so many reasons for this; depleted soil due to over worked & unrested land, produce is picked before its ripe & then ripened with gas in cold storage & the land never gets to reclaim the old or rotten fruit that normally falls off & goes back into the soil(it’s the whole circle of life thing), and pesticides & herbicides are sprayed with abandon….yes we all know this BUT have you

ever wondered why it is better for our bodies health to eat seasonally, organic grown and seasonal available food?

No? Don’t worry I bet that thought has not past the brain banks of most people. With produce being available to us now from all around the world on ANY given day we go with our tastebuds instead of what our body needs in the season that we are in.

The 2 main reasons that I can see of how detrimental this can be to our bods & therefore our health are…

1. Light source and

2. Lectins

Let's discuss the latter first! Some scientists like Dr Steve Gundry believe lectins are harmful and cause inflammation. An older article links them to autoimmune diseases, including celiac diseasediabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

One article discusses the research associated with wheat germ lectin. It may impact the immune system by increasing inflammation.

Long-term inflammation is linked to many serious medical conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and depression.

From what I can see….it causes a butt load of inflammation in the body, and more inflammation in an already inflamed system only spells 1 thing, D-I-S-E-A-S-E.

So what are lectins?

They are a protective protein compound developed by the plant to help fight off bug infestation, and a little is good for the good bacteria in your gut but an overabundance of lectin in humans have been shown to cause digestive upsets, block the absorption of some nutrients and cause red blood cells to cluster together.

And lectins have been found to be higher in wheat proteins, nightshades & legumes, but here’s the kicker…lectin is heightened in produce that is grown out of season in a hot house & genetically modified crops.

So making sure that you are only eating organic foods grown in season & only grass fed meats & in season eggs will help to modulate your lectin intake.

Back to our first point..the light source under which our food is grown under is another interesting thing to consider. The light spectrum are the beautiful colours seen as light passes through a crystal or in the sky as a rainbow, these colours are also invisibly banded across the entire planet, starting at the equator with dark red & changing as it moves away from there.

The particular band of colour over your part of the planet that the sun shines down to you is what keeps you healthy & is what penetrates the food & foliage grown in that particular area…lets say our particular band here on the Gold Coast is Orange, this means that we absorb an orange light into our skin & all local produce is absorbing & creating energy & growth from the same orange light…the theory is that this will keep us in good health & as long as we eat what is in season we should remain healthy & have a reduction in inflammation. It’s when we step outside of our colour paradigm where issues with inflammation can occur….so eating imported fruit & veg & meats can have a detrimental affect to our bodies!!!

Interesting points to consider if you are a human don’t you think??!!!

So consider next time you go shopping ……If you can grow it in your backyard at the time of year it is then its good to eat!

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