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WEEK 4 #eatingforhealing #herbivore

Herbs are a great edition to any meal and bring a packet load of flavour & goodness to your favourite dishes. In winter it can be challenging to find fresh herbs unless you live in a warmer climate, so make sure you stick to our #foodwellseasoned plan (you know why it’s so important now!!! If not catch our Mini-blog 2 min read right here—-> and if you can’t find it fresh then find organic, locally grown dried herbs from your area.

Not only are they flavour giving, but they are also life giving! These sometime called weeds can help to protect and heal the God’s garden there are no such things as a weed!

Here are some gems that you may find in your own backyard that you can easily harvest. Make sure you are identifying the plants properly, check the leaves & flowers shape & colours always to make sure you have a match.


Is great for liver, gallbladder & kidney health and is an incredible blood alkaliser, reducing acid in the body and one of the best known diuretics.

The green leaves can be added to salads & can help with digestion, enabling stomach acids to heighten for the efficient metabolisation of fats. A tea of the dandelion root can help to lessen symptoms of PMS pain & bloating. And the milk from the single flower stem can reduce the size and severity of warts.

And Herb Robert, a member of the dandelion family is said to have incredible healing properties for cancer an an immune boosting repertoire .

It is important to note that if you have an allergy to the daisy family, you should steer clear of dandelion.

Queensland Greens or Hibiscus spinach: Can often be found in our subtropical area, growing in the garden or on the side of the road. It is great for upper respiratory complaints and inflammation in the body, especially the urinary system and is an incredible blood cleaner that is high in chlorophyll. you can boil the leaves for a tea to help ease, bronchitis, coughs, sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis, mouth ulcers and stomach and gastro upsets.

Can also be used topically for bites, eczema and burns.


These bushes are everywhere on the Gold coast and the flowers are incredibly aromatic and make for a delicious tea or add them to your salads, or as a pretty garnish to baking.

1-2 flowers in a cup of boiling water can help calm nerves, clean the blood, strengthen the lymphatic system and fight fevers & infections. Chewing the leaves can also reduce mouth ulcers. Don’t use jasmin if you have hay fever symptoms to it.

Herbal teas are a great way to warm up the body & deliver important nutrients for the winter months & to help ease the symptoms or stave off colds & flu’s by keeping the immune system happy & healthy.

Herb cottage on the GC have an incredible array of herbs and spices, plants & trees all locally grown & treated with kindness.

CHALLENGE: This week Start your own herb patch or add to an existing one! Take a photo and post on our Metamorph Health and fitness page. Check out what everyone else has & if you are on the GC do a #herbivore swap for cuttings.

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